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  1. PS2 Repair

    Diagnosing a dead PS2.

  2. AI Weirdness

    The strange side of machine learning.

  3. Stitching Dash Cam Footage

    Dash cams separate clips into short segments. With a simple script, I can seamlessly stitch them back together.

  4. Using a Netbook in 2022

    Limitation breeds creativity.

  5. Intel VTune Profiler

    Profiling software to improve performance.

  6. Booting a Raspberry Pi from USB

    Booting a Raspberry Pi off of USB storage instead of an SD card.

  7. Unsupported Ryzen Instructions

    The relatively new Ryzen processor line has had some growing pains with instruction support.

  8. ConVul Reimplementation

    Implementing a concurrency vulnerability detector.

  9. Running Resilio Sync in Oracle Cloud Free Tier

    Using Oracle Cloud's free tier, I have enhanced my own decentralized file share.

  10. Splitting a GPU among Multiple VMs with GPU-PV

    Using GPU-PV for cutting-edge GPU acceleration within a VM.

  11. Disabling and Enabling Your Desktop Environment in Linux

    Turning the desktop environment off saves compute for servers, but sometimes you still want the convenience of a GUI. These shortcuts let you quickly switch between either.

  12. Using Nanite with Virtual LEGO Elements in Unreal Engine 5 - Part 2

    Overcoming some of my struggles with Nanite in UE5.

  13. Making and Running Services on Linux using systemd

    A quick example, just as much for myself as for anyone else to reference.

  14. Running Minecraft in the Oracle Cloud Free Tier

    Oracle Cloud's free tier makes an excellent and free Minecraft server host.

  15. Using Nanite with Virtual LEGO Elements in Unreal Engine 5 - Part 1

    An overview of my struggles with Nanite in UE5.

  16. The Oracle Cloud Free Tier

    Why the Oracle Cloud free tier is worth using for small personal projects.

  17. DS Lite Repair

    Replacing the shell and fixing the shoulder buttons of my trusty DS Lite.

  18. When To Use Relaxed Memory Semantics

    Relaxed memory semantics are tricky to work with in C++. Let's go through some example use cases.

  19. Improvements to Lock-Free Transactional Transformation

    An overview of enhancements over base LFTT.

  20. A Homage to CRTs

    CRTs are a great option for gaming, offering advantages unmatched even by modern flat panels.

  21. 8 Player Splitscreen in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

    Fulfilling the 8-player splitscreen dream on a GameCube classic.