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  1. A Homage to CRTs

    CRTs are a great option for gaming, offering advantages unmatched even by modern flat panels.

  2. DS Lite Repair

    Replacing the shell and fixing the shoulder buttons of my trusty DS Lite.

  3. Splitting a GPU among Multiple VMs with GPU-PV

    Using GPU-PV for cutting-edge GPU acceleration within a VM.

  4. Unsupported Ryzen Instructions

    The relatively new Ryzen processor line has had some growing pains with instruction support.

  5. Booting a Raspberry Pi from USB

    Booting a Raspberry Pi off of USB storage instead of an SD card.

  6. Using a Netbook in 2022

    Limitation breeds creativity.

  7. PS2 Repair

    Diagnosing a dead PS2.